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Sameboat FAQ      

What is the aim of, and principle behind, the Sameboat Project?

Our aim is to find a ritual way of commemorating the end of the slave trade.

We want to do this in a way that is redemptive, that loosens the debts of history rather than apportions blame, and that includes descendants of all participants, African slave dealers, white shipmasters, merchants and crews, freed slaves and slaves.

Ritual is deep and overt in African culture. In western culture ritual is often perceived as an embarrassment. Sameboat tries to bring these traditions together by theatricalisng both with some humour. This is the very beginning of the project and much remains to be done. It is not a done deed. Your input is welcomed.


How is Sameboat Project organised and what does being a member mean?


Sameboat Project is a not-for-profit organisation which we hope will eventually become a full charity.

A community group oversees, fundraises and authorises the entire project by hiring a project manager, employing performers, sailors, artists etc

Members have the right to vote for the committee who will oversee the project.

Members have the right to call an extraordinary general meeting if they are dissatisfied with how the project is being run.

Members are NOT financially or legally liable

Members do not have to go on the boat

We will send more details to anyone who wishes to be a member.

The committee will run the project and will consist of a minimum of chair, treasurer, secretary and one other. 

Anyone who wants to be considered for the committee should also send some details of relevant experience (IT skills, accounting, management etc)


What kinds of help are needed?

sameboat4Help with fundraising and administration is always useful. 

We will need help  moving the boat about, training the crew, painting the boat, creating graphics, running the website, keeping in touch while the boat is away, publicity, driving, 101 things.

If you want to help we can almost certainly use you.

Is the crew and cast all in place?

No.There will be a pool of about 20 people who will fill at various times 6 crew positions, skipper, skilled crew, main performer, second performer, third performer, recorder/camera person. The project is not dependent on any one person







Sameboat  Black Man Don't Float?
Sierra Leone FAQ Events in 2008
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